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How it all started

Hill Country Chapel began like a tender seedling, carefully cared for by its Gardener, in the summer of 1977, with a small number of believers.

The new church work was supported by many dedicated 
Christian people who cared about evangelizing in the Texas Hill Country.

Through gifts of loving churches and individuals throughout 
the United States, the worship services began weekly, along with youth activities and adult home Bible studies.

That year, through God's provision, the ten-acre property was purchased and the first building, a small chapel, was built at Mt. Zion Christian Mission.

God continued to bless His work. As the church grew, a need for 
more classrooms and offices resulted in additional buildings and a larger sanctuary.  In 2017, a 20,000 sq. foot multi-purpose building was completed for worship and fellowship on the 9 acres adjacent to the property. 

In order for the church to be triumphant...alive and well...it must be more than scaffolding. Christ said, "I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not overpower it."  Matthew 16:18

He is the architect
He is the originator of the church
It was His idea
He protects it
He leads it
He alone is its head